Breaking Mews

When I first started thinking about adopting a pet, I thought the only option was to go to the nearest animal shelter and pick out the pet I like and take he/she home with me. Wow, I was wrong. I typed into Google “ways to adopt a pet,” and I got so many different results ranging from buying one off Craigslist to over-the-phone adoption options. And it only got more interesting. I came across a website that said “Husky House.” I clicked on it, and it turns out there is an organization where you can only adopt Huskies from.

This got me thinking about all the other organizations out there that do the same type of thing, so I did some investigating. If you type “[breed name] adoption near me,” there are thousands of websites that pop up that are specifically for adopting that breed. If you are the kind of person that knows exactly what breed of dog/cat/guinea pig/etc that you want to adopt, you should definitely try this method of searching.

For example I have a friend who absolutely loves pugs, and when she graduates in May, she wants to adopt 25 of them (not joking). If you were in her position, here would be one of the best ways to find your perfect pup:

  1. Type in the search box “pug adoption near me” or “pug adoption sites”
  2. One of the first websites that comes up is…click on it.
  3. The first thing you see is a map of the United States with a number of pugs for sale in each state. Find your state.
  4. The list of pets available are right there, and you can pick the one you want. It’s so easy.

Not all websites have this same type of layout, but no matter which site you go to, it won’t be hard for you to find your new furry child.

To help you out a bit, here are just a couple links to websites for popular dog and cat breeds  that you might be interested in adopting:


Golden Retriever:

German Shepherd:


Labrador Retriever:

American Shorthair:


Maine Coon:

One cool thing about sites is that they are strictly animal rescue organizations, not kill shelters. Most organizations like these are especially known for saving animals from kill shelters. Before you make assumptions, you should always check out the “About” section on the website. It will give you the history on why the organization was created and the purpose for what they do. If you still feel like you don’t have a grasp on the organization, feel free to call the number on the website to get an answer straight-up.

I hope this information and links help make the start of your adoption process just a little simpler.


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