A Bond that Will Last Furever

Many of you probably know the company PetSmart. They have stores all over the country that specialize in selling all the best products for your pets along with providing training and clinics on how to train your pets and ways to keep them healthy and happy. But there is another side of PetSmart that most people don’t know about: PetSmart Charities.

The goal of PetSmart Charities is to partner with many shelters and pet rescue programs to ensure more animals get adopted this year than the last. Every year there is an estimated seven million pets in shelters and only three million get adopted. Their goal: make that adoption number higher.

PetSmart Charities started in 2005 and only a little above 350,000 pet lives were saved. In 2014, they were saving 475,000 and the number is still growing. If you’re curious as to how this applies to you, in Indiana in 2015, 8,574 cats and 4,815 dogs found homes due to this program.

The company takes so much pride in pet adoption. In fact, if you have ever seen a video of an adoption story, you will more than likely be able to give credit to PetSmart Charities because they are known for staying in contact with adoptees and getting the full success story months after the adoption.

One of the most popular videos that the company has made is about a little puppy that had been hiding under some vehicles and roaming the streets of Texas for several days. The dog, Simon, was located to a PetSmart Charities adoption center where his new owner Mike immediately fell in love with him.

If stories like this have touched your heart and you think it’s your time to make a change in an animal’s life, you are in luck.

PetSmart is encouraging you to “adopt love” at their National Adoption Weekend coming up February 17-19. Stop in to your local PetSmart to find the love you have always wanted in a pet, make a difference in their life and don’t forget to share your adoption story.

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