Last weekend I took a short drive home to see my best friend Andy. Andy is my black, 15 year old cat who doesn’t look a day over 4. He is absolutely adorable, and playing with him is one of my favorite things to do. As I was waving a string of yarn at him, I started thinking about how I will be adopting a cat soon (hopefully) and how I want it to be just like Andy. A lot of people have this idea that black cats are bad luck. This isn’t true at all; it’s just a Halloween myth. Andy has brought my family nothing but great cuddles and cuteness.

Because of this myth, a lot of the time it is harder for black cats to be adopted. They are only half as likely to be adopted as any other color of cat. It’s sad that we risk not letting a cute little ball of fur not have a home just because of what he/she looks like. Well today I am going to try my best to prove why black cats are no different or even BETTER than other colors of cats, and hopefully it will influence you to think differently about them and maybe even consider adopting one.

~In ancient Egypt black cats were worshipped. Owning a black cat was thought to bring good luck to the family.

~The richest cat in the world was a black cat from Italy named Tommaso. abc_tommaso_cat_dm_111212_wblogWhen his owner died, he left him $13 million (and a place in the Guinness world record book). An actual photo of Tommaso is featured to the left.

~There are 22 breeds of cats that have solid black coats. The Bombay is the only breed that is exclusively black.

~Some black cats aren’t really black. What?? Yes, it’s true. Cats can appear black even though their coats are many colors. Black cats are a result of a recessive gene that suppresses their inherited tabby pattern. If the pattern isn’t completely suppressed, you can see faint traces of color if light hits it right.

~Cats were welcome aboard British vessels hundreds of years ago to hunt mice. Sailors particularly wanted black cats aboard as a sign of good luck and safe returns. A few cats, like Tiddles, made history by traveling more than 30,000 miles at sea.

~In Hemeji, Japan there is a cafe exclusive to people own black cats. If you’re a crazy cat lady like me, we might need to take a trip here soon. It’s called Nekobiyaka, and when you show up to the cafe with your cat, they give it a special bandana so it doesn’t get confused with another furrball.

~Almost 100 percent of black cats have yellow eyes. Why is this? Because of something called melanism. An excessive amount of melanin is what causes their fur to be black & turns their eyes yellow/golden.


~Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17. Make sure to put it on your calendar.

~It’s bad luck to walk under a ladder that a black cat just passed. This had nothing to do with the cat; it should be common sense not to walking under a ladder 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading all about black cats, and I hope now you can see how black cats are not different than any other cat (but they might be better). If you are considering adopting one, yay that’s awesome! Even adopting one black cat is helping lower the number of black cats in the animal shelter and that’s a great feeling. Thanks again for reading and don’t forget to watch out for my next post. (P.S. the following picture is of Andy for anyone who wanted to see just how adorable he is)



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