The Bachelor: Dog Version

If anyone knows about the show The Bachelor , I would like your opinion if the show is better with an attractive man as the bachelor or a handsome pup.

Yep that’s right. I just read a Huffington Post article about The Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society  producing a hilarious video parody video to show what the famous ABC show would be like if it were about pet adoption, not finding a husband.

I am personally a huge Bachelor fan, so when I heard about this, I immediately had to watch it. I died laughing. Two girls are one a two-on-one date with Stewart, a dog at the shelter.

The drama of one girl being “rough around the edges” and the other being “a 100% cat person” makes it even more realistic to girls gossiping on “The Bachelor.”

Even though we don’t find out who gets the rose and contrary to what the other girls think, I hope Psara gets the rose because if Maya is a cat person, she wouldn’t blend well with a dog like Stewart.

Who do you think Stewart should pick? If you think Stewart is the perfect match for you and you’re in the Santa Fe area, check out the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. There are plenty more bachelors there waiting to find true love too.


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