Spring Bark Ideas

It’s finally March and that means it’s time for spring break! Next week I will be traveling with my family to Pittsburgh to sign on an apartment for after I graduate. Because I will be so busy searching for a new home, I won’t be able to post anything. But don’t worry…when I come back, I’ll have so much more information to tell you about.

Are you going to be leaving for spring break too? Do you have a cat that just tears your heart out to leave behind? Well at All Cats Boarding, Grooming and Pet Supplies, you can feel comfortable about leaving your feline friend for a week. They will treat your cat like it is their own. They even just remodeled their living conditions to create luxury “cat condos.” The play center is also the number one hang out area for all of the cats. And get this…it’s only $20 a day per cat. Sounds perfect right? While you’re relaxing on the beach, your cat could be living his/her own pet-cation.

Even though I’ll be gone for a week, I don’t want you to feel bored without me. I have some great ways you can help out in the community while hanging out with some pretty cool pets.

You may have seen this mentioned in a previous post, but I think it’s totally cool. Loving Heart Animal Shelter is hosting an 80’s party on Saturday, March 11 from 7:30-11 P.M. at Carnahan Hall in Lafayette. Tickets are just $20, but you have to be 21+. The proceeds go to the shelter to help make the pets’ stay a little bit more comfortable. I definitely recommend going.

Is your new pup in need for a personal day? Take him/her over to your local PetSmart  to get them groomed or even sign them up for a dog training class. If your dog loves being around others, consider signing him/her up for Doggie Day Camp. For a full day of play, it’s just $16. Your pup will love it.

If you love walking dogs and are in the mood to volunteer, head on over to Natalie’s Second Chance Dog Shelter. It is a great experience and good bonding time with the pets. I did this a few weeks ago and had a blast. They give you free reign to walk the dog wherever you want as long as you have it back in a reasonable amount of time. Definitely the best way to spend a laid back day.

Almost Home Humane Society has a cool opportunity for those of you who would just like to have a companion for a week. It’s foster care. Pets that are recovering from injury, illness, or just need a break from the facility are eligible to be put up for foster care. If this sounds interesting to you, email Liz@almosthomehumane.org.

If any of these ideas sound appealing to you, don’t be afraid to do them. Animals in shelters need your help and what a great time to give back when you don’t have to worry about school. Think about it and when I come back, let me know if you decided to participate in any of these programs.

Have a good spring break everyone!


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