Going Mutts!

Dogs are some of the happiest animals on earth, but it’s a lot of fun for them when they get to play with others too. There are a lot of perks to having more than one pet in the house. Here are just some of the reasons why having multiple dogs in your house can be healthy.

  1. Dogs love to socialize. It doesn’t matter who it is with; they just love being around others. Especially if you have a job or go to class most of the day, having multiple dogs back home will help keep each other company.
  2. Dogs love exercise. We can teach them tricks or take them on walks, but nothing compares to the playful experience they’ll get while being with another dog outside. All types of dogs need exercise, but the age and size can depend on how much. If you want your dogs to play together a lot, it’s best to get ones that are around the same age and size.
  3. The second or third dog is much easier to train if you have already trained the first. It’s kind of like the “follow the leader” effect. If one dog sees another one peeing outside, it will be more inclined to do so. If one dog barks when the doorbell rings and runs up to the door, the second will be sure to follow. Many behavior patterns are developed from watching the dogs around them, which means less work for you when it comes to training. Phew.
  4. Having many dogs in one house can help relieve/control emotions of the dogs. If a dog is suffering from depression, having another dog near to it can help alleviate that. Dogs will cuddle with each other to help them feel more content and part of a pack.

These are just some of the reasons why many households have multiple dogs. When I thought about writing this post, I wanted to get some personal opinions from someone I know that has three dogs. Her name is Alissa. You might recognize her story about her dog, Coop, from my Instagram post a couple weeks ago. Check out how she likes to keep her dogs playful and having fun with each other in between her classes. Meet Alex, Ellie, and the already famous Coop.

A post shared by Savannah Rider (@savfakeinsta) on

If you’re contemplating adopting another dog after you already have one or two or three, go for it. Just like you and me, dogs love to have friends. As you can see Alex, Coop, and Ellie love playing together and with Alissa.


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