Happily Fur After

A lot of you may have seen the Coldwell Banker ad about pet adoption and helping a stray find a new home. If you haven’t I attached the video below, so you should check it out before reading the rest of the post.

Did you watch it? Doesn’t that just touch your heart? It’s cool because Coldwell Banker has no connection with animal adoption, but they were able to use a scenario of a stray dog finding a new home to help sell their business.

Personally I don’t care about the real estate company, but this video really touched my heart. I don’t know if it was the colors or the music, but it made me want to adopt the little guy. Both the man and the dog were lonely, but once they found each other, it’s the perfect ending. I just love it.

Little did I know, but Coldwell Banker has actually been partnering with Adopt-A-Pet.com for the past three years. The pup in the video, Scout, used to be a shelter dog. The partnership says that since 2015, 20,000 pets have been adopted because of this collaboration.

The point of this “Somebody To Love” commercial isn’t to show the friendship after a person rescues a dog; it’s the other way around. The companies want to show that animals can rescue people too.

Coldwell Banker and Adopt-A-Pet are planning a national pet adoption day (Home for Dogs Project) in September and teaming up with Givewith, a charitable platform that brands use to underwrite consumer donations, to direct more funds to Adopt-A-Pet.

I thought this was awesome, and it makes me eager to see the next commercials that the collaboration will release.

A real estate company and an online adoption company teaming up…who would’ve thought…


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