A Caturday at the Shelter

Originally my intention for this post was to talk about the day in the life of a volunteer at an animal shelter, but when I went to visit the shelter near my house, my inspiration changed after talking to a young volunteer named Francesca. She told me when she volunteers, she likes to spend most of her time with the cats, so that’s where I spent my time as well.

As she was talking to me, one detail she said caught my attention. She told me the biggest mistake people make is taking home a cat without playing with it. I was so confused because I thought it was natural for people to want to see the cat’s personality before taking him/her home. Francesca told me that’s not the case at all. A lot of people judge the cat by looks or what it’s doing in the case and that’s it.

I felt it was necessary to prove that cats’ attitudes change drastically once they are taken out of their cage.


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