A New Home for Milo

My boyfriend got a dog a couple weeks ago (a German Shepherd named Rizzo). He lives with a couple other roommates and having a dog around has been fun for all of them. In fact, one of the roommates, Hunter, liked having Rizzo around so much that he thought it was time for him to get a dog. It didn’t take him too long to decide this because last Friday, he called up my boyfriend and me and asked if we would come with him to help pick one out.

Of course I was ecstatic because I love dogs and because this would be the perfect chance to get some live action of someone choosing a companion for life. Needless to say we were on board.

On Saturday we hoped in the car and drove 45 minutes to Markland Mall in Kokomo. Once a month the mall teams up with the Kokomo Humane Society to hold an adoption event outside the mall. This gives a chance for shoppers to stop by and check out the dogs, and it also gives the dogs a chance for some fresh air during the day.

Whenever I go to events like this, the adoption places usually don’t bring more than 15 pets, but the Kokomo Humane Society brought tons. It was almost like they brought the whole shelter.

A lot of the dogs were Pitbull mixes, which is understandable because that is the most popular breed at shelters. Good thing for Hunter though because he has always wanted one. After searching and debating between 3 different Pitbull mixes, he made a snap decision on a 9 month old Pitbull/boxer mix named Milo. He is absolutely adorable.

Hunter brought Milo home to their house that day. All of us were a little eager/nervous to see how a Pitbull would get along with a German Shepherd, but we had nothing to worry about. At first the two wrestled a little, but after a couple hours, they were the best of friends.

It’s safe to say that Hunter is definitely happy with Milo, but let’s just hope Milo is potty-trained and doesn’t poop in the house.


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