Hoppy Holidays

Easter is coming up, so I wondered if the sales of rabbits would go up because who doesn’t want a cute little bunny on Easter? I got on Craigslist and sure enough there are a ton of bunnies for sale and many people asking for some.

Naturally I assumed that Easter is the best time to adopt a bunny and that people that adopt them will love and keep them forever, but after doing some reading…yikes, I was mistaken.

An article in the New York Daily News said that 80% of bunnies bought as pets for Easter have one of two fates within a year: dead or discarded. That’s horrible. Some pet stores even ban the sales of rabbits around this time of year because they know that most people just want them for the holiday and not the long run.

Although I am pretty sure there are none around here, bunny mills breed mass amounts of rabbits in time for Easter. A lot of the time when these bunnies are sold too young from their mom and they don’t survive.

Don’t consider buying a rabbit unless you’re in it for the long run. Rabbits typically live 8-12 years.

According to The Humane Society of the United States rabbits are the third most popular pet in the U.S…and the third most abandoned. In a National Geographic article, a manager of a Georgia rabbit society says that around six weeks after Easter, the society gets 3-4 calls a day about abandoned rabbits in public.

It is just so sad. I hope this helps you realize the importance of why you shouldn’t adopt a pet on impulse. In most rabbits’ cases, it ends badly. If you are still determined to adopt a fluffy friend for Easter, PETA  gives some tips on how to care for rabbits, but they still encourage you to stay away from bunny fever.

Bunnies are cute and great for pictures around the holiday, but think of their future. If you think you can give a bunny a great home for the rest of their life, here are some bunnies for sale in the area.

download (1)

Have a great Easter.


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